Our offers for schools

School groups may visit the NPP Zwentendorf every Friday morning. Guided tours for school groups need to be arranged separately by sending an email to akw@zwentendorf.com.

Please keep in mind that visitors participating in guided tours need to be at least 15 years of age for safety reasons.

Groups for extra guided tours may not exceed 25 participants.
Two groups may visit the power plant at the same time in short intervals.

How much do students know before visiting us?

Visiting the NPP Zwentendorf is particularly interesting to young adults after having learned more about nuclear energy. We recommend the virtual learning unit www.atom-superbrain.at. This entertaining learning app for your lessons in school or on your cell phone on the way to Zwentendorf offers a great summary of everything there is to know about nuclear energy.

Have your students try out and learn with Atom Superbrain. Who is able to answer all the questions correctly?

Each student to present the Superbrain certificate when visiting the NPP Zwentendorf is rewarded with a small gift.